Assignment Topics About Business

  1. Culture-Sensitive Global Strategies
  2. Entrepreneurship and family business
  3. What are the most effective strategies for promoting a small business?
  4. Is multitasking a productive method of work?
  5. How to build a successful startup
  6. Time Management
  7. Google: how benefits can make your employees happy.
  8. Sexual harassment in the working environment.
  9. Insurance
  10. Legal Issues
  11. Inventory Control
  12. Taxes
  13. Co-Opetition: Promises and Challenges
  14. Ethical decision making in everyday work situations
  15. How do big corporations regularly break the laws and get away with it?
  16. Effective time management for big and small teams.
  17. Is it worth it to expand the business into a new region or country?
  18. Business Imitation

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